Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jumped right in

OK , I've done it, jumped in and started a blog.  Not at all sure what in the world I'm doing but I decided if I waited until I knew all the ins and outs I might never have a blog.
This should be entertaining if nothing else.  If you get a laugh at my expense as I bungle my way through this be sure to make it a good hearty one, it's good for you.
You have no way of knowing what to expect here since I'm not sure what I may have to say. My blog name says it all, "musings".  There's no end to the directions my thoughts take, they're quite unpredictable.
This is like an about face for me since my favorite method for recording my thoughts has always been pencil/pen to paper. That is somehow more sensually gratifying than tapping a keyboard. I will concede to the efficiency of using a computer and since "my momma didn't raise no dummies" I'll take advantage of  technology. 
I'm still trying to figure out customizing the appearance of my page. It may resemble a crazy quilt at times which might be appropriate for random thoughts. The parchment background and font are my attempt to stay in touch with my pen and paper and are two choices that were totally intentional.
For now I must close and get intentional about preparing our supper.  Blessings to all